Heads Up re 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand on Sunday 13 November 2016

Popular Youtuber Dutchsinse now has a livestream covering earthquakes around the world, and has been forecasting the next quakes with surprising accuracy, based on close observation of their sequence which seems to obey a certain pattern. Based on logical deduction, which he explained thoroughly to his viewers, he predicted the earthquakes in Central Italy and when the word got out, that saved lives. A British expat, Janet Fullerlove, gave full credit to Dutchsinse when interviewed by the BBC, who then cut her off, after she had pronounced his name three times:


Now, Dutchsinse was not expecting the large quake that hit the South Island of New Zealand on Sunday 13 November. After multiple very deep quakes in the asthenosphere round the ring of fire he expected shallower, larger movement and was perplexed by the location of the Christchurch quake this morning. He even apologized to his viewers for not having forecasted it:


A keen fan of Dutchsinse, since early 2011 when a link to his Youtube channel was posted on Jane Burgermeister’s blog, for me, Dutchsinse had no need to apologize to his viewers for an earthquake he had not anticipated, as I explain in this comment posted below his video on Sunday (and this concerns Jane Burgermeister, whose supporters in New Zealand may have been the object of the deadly quake that hit Christchurch in February 2011):

Carolyn Dunning19 hours ago (edited)

What if you were not wrong at all, Dutch?

After all, you predicted a quake further north, as the logical follow-up of those deep quakes. What if this 7.8 quake is not one triggered naturally by the deep ones?

What if it was artificially induced by Haarp?

Logically, if it was not triggered by the previous deep quakes, then you couldn’t predict it.

But something else triggered it – now what could that be and why?

In 2010 Hugo Chavez accused the elite shadow government of the USA of playing God by triggering the Haiti earthquake on 12 January 2010.


So later that year I was suspicious when the first quake hit Christchurch on 4 September, just three weeks after a demonstration in Auckland, New Zealand, by Penny Bright who delivered an open letter to the Austrian embassy in defence of journalist Jane Burgermeister who was being hassled in Austria after she had exposed the deliberate contamination by Baxter (based in Vienna) of swine-flu vaccine material with the bird-flu virus.

Thanks to Jane’s work, the French had filed a court case in 2009 against their Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot, who was summoned to court on 4 January 2010, accused of genocide and complicity with an international crime syndicate. That same evening she capitulated and the media announced that she had cancelled the 50 million vaccines she had intended to force on the French people. But they did not mention that Roselyne Bachelot made that decision after being in court that morning, so the French public still do not know that fact.

Indeed, Jane Burgermeister’s supporters in France were not able to spread the news of Bachelot’s debacle because a week later, on 12 January, the Haiti earthquake was exploited by the media to divert the public eye away from the swine flu scam, which was brushed under the carpet. From one day to the next, there was no pandemic, no swine flu, it vanished as mysteriously as it had emerged. Nobody paid any attention, everybody was collecting money to send to Haiti to the victims of the quake. Meanhwhile, in Austria Jane was threatened, hassled and nearly interned in a psychiatric asylum, accused of being a conspiracy theorist. A psychiatrist who refused to intern her was poisoned and ended up in a coma. Jane was summoned to court to meet a judge who had been told she was mentally unstable and he was intending to impose court guardianship on her.

I followed all this daily, as I translated many of her articles for her supporters in France. I was therefore delighted when Penny Bright delivered an open letter to the Austrian embassy in Auckland on 10 August 2010. When New Zealand was hit by a quake on 4 September I was shocked but as I was aware of Haarp project, I wondered: could that be a move to intimidate Penny Bright and her brave Kiwis?

So I was again paying attention when that quake was followed on 22 February 2011 by a deadly 6.3 magnitude quake that hit Christchurch for the second time, and I read somewhere that both quakes were odd because they were not on an existing fault. Truther Girls posted a video pointing out the coincidental visit of Tim Manning, FEMA deputy and administrator, and Admiral Thad Allen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV-W3CJAkuo

Three weeks after the Christchurch quake, Japan was hit by the 9 magnitude quake and tsunami. At the time I wondered if it had been triggered by the unrest on the ring of fire following Christchurch but nobody paid attention to my theory.

Now you, Dutchsinse, have showed in a logical, scientific manner that one quake triggers another, However, when studying their progression you never take into account that certain quakes may have been induced by Haarp. It seems to me that, logically, quakes which arise where you expected them were most likely triggered “naturally” by the preceding sequence. But a quake which appears out of the blue, where you were not expecting it would then be an “unnatural” quake, and would need another form of explanation.

So if I may take the liberty, today your “mis-calculation” of 200 – 300 miles could be explained if it was “unnaturally” triggered, i.e. induced by a tectonic, scalar weapon, And in that case, there was no way of calculating it, unless you were part of the Haarp team!

The cherry on the cake is John Kerry’s visit to NZ coinciding with the quake, which people immediately found suspicious! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP2J_sBR1-0

People were wondering why he had disappeared off to Antarctica. On his way back, John Kerry was in Christchurch on Saturday, then in Wellington on Sunday but left that same afternoon for Singapore, in the nick of time, so at 1 am when the quake hit Christchurch he was safely out of the way: “Sec. John Kerry had left the country before it struck, and just landed in Singapore on his way to Oman when news of the quake was reported.” http://www.cbsnews.com/news/powerful-magnitude-7-earthquake-christchurch-new-zealand/


We know the NWO has no imagination, preferring to repeat the same tactics ad infinitum, even in a commemorative fashion, with “twin attacks” in memory of the destruction of the Twin Towers at the WTC, and “double trouble” coded names etc. This NZ quake may therefore be part of a desperate NWO attempt to organize chaos before Trump is at the helm in January.

We should be wary of a repeat job. That would explain the “feigned retreat” explained by BPEarthwatch in a heads up not to let down our guard:

Smooth transition or bumpy ride?

So beware of  polite promises to do everything to ensure a “smooth transition” while the NWO elite get up to more shadowy pranks. I remind you that the Christchurch quake on 22 February 2011 was followed by the 9 magnitude Tohoku quake and tsunami. This may be a bumpy ride but I hope that at least this time we will be watching them closely beforehand, not just collecting information afterwards!


The good news is that the best weapon against satanic attacks is prayer in the name of Jesus! So lets get cracking!

Much love from France

PS: May I draw your attention also to the landslide on 4 January 2010, the same day 50 million vaccines were cancelled by French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot. Was that an act of vengeance?

I only discovered the event many months later, and found it strange that someone should be on the spot to film this landslide which blocked the Hunza river so effectively that the whole Hunza valley was submerged, causing the evacuation of the Hunzacuts, a people who never have cancer, because their date includes apricot kernels. Their precious apricot orchards were drowned by the rising waters, I wonder if they have been replanted, because the stocks of apricot seeds sold on organic websites for informed Westerners have surely run out by now!

Nuff said! Kunahu!


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